Role of technology in transforming the manpower business

Role of technology in transforming the manpower business

Technology has not only enhanced the businesses but has also encouraged the speed of execution of various tasks and projects. Technology has impacted the business in various ways, let’s have a look at two of them:-

Penetration of mighty Internet:

The revolution of Internet has increased the accessibility of information very easy and just a click away. The result of which is mass awareness, people have become more aware of the opportunities which exist in theirs vicinity and across the globe. More employment opportunities have come up, helping in increasing the employability rate. Plenty of courses have come online and people have started enrolling themselves at the comfort of their homes. With the ease of access to education, the job potential has also increased and especially in the areas where people are semi-skilled and skilled. The manner of job hunt has also changed, instead of physical visits, the first introduction is done on the Internet, either on the company’s website or on job portals. Job portals have bridged the gap between employer and the candidates.

Method of hiring

The entire recruitment consulting business have taken a turn with the adoption of technology. Numerous networking and job portals have made their way towards the global level and have earned global recognition. This has eased the work for recruitment consultants with the availability of global data. Recruitment consultants are now able to approach international applicants as well by sitting in any part of the world. This has given rise to the multi-billion dollar industry. technology has helped in transacting the data with lesser efforts, which has in turn improved business management. ATS or applicant tracking systems have revolutionised the way recruitment consultants practise and manage their business.

Recruitment softwares like CRM or ERP are used for manpower outsourcing and covers all kind of modules like payroll management, attendance management, onboarding, and interview management, etc.

Technology has indeed brought more job seekers close to opportunities and has made the world more informed, learned and progressive in nature. Integrating e-commerce possibilities and job portals have completely changed the way job seekers look at the word JOB. Everyone has started looking for better opportunities while keeping their current job. Technology has surely written a completely new chapter in the pages of human civilisation.With the most extensive use of the information available online, job seekers and human resource managers are enjoying the perks. This has resulted in transparency and increase in accountability in the recruitment system.

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