Staffing Company

ImageEasy Source is the preferred partner for companies looking to outsource employees or hire contractual staff. We have extensive experience across industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in Servicing multiple industry sectors like retail, healthcare, telecom Project, and engineering, manufacturing, process industries, Agriculture, Education, Oil, Gas & Energy, Infrastructure Railways, Services and more.

We are strengthened by a strong pan India presence, recruitment expertise of two decades and project management by experienced specialists.

The last 12 years, our client based has increased to 500 plus organizations in india our clients increasingly outsource manpower to reduce high costs associated with in-house hiring, to successfully meet the ramp-ups demand. we help you concentrate on your core strength, taking away your hr woes.

Easy Source provides End to end Solution to all Manpower Outsourcing needs. We add value to your business by:

Providing diverse workforce ranging from Fos (Feet On Street), Get, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Network Support Engineer, Customer Services Manager, Auditor, Consulting Economist, Counselor, Long Arm Associates, Pre-Sales Executive, Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Quality Control Incharge so on and so forth

Manpower Services

  • New Hiring and scalability of existing manpower across Projects by providing manpower in a timely fashion on need basis for quick ramp-ups. Flexible tailor made solutions per client requirements.

  • Performance based end to end operational expertise for managing all employee life cycle processes. Ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile.

  • Web based Payroll expertise rolling out automated payroll systems with zero errors and ensuring transparency in pay structure and pay out.

  • Dedicated teams and account managers with published escalation matrices to ensure seamless transition and dedicated customer support.

  • State-of-the-art web-based analytics dashboard including automatic dashboards that provide line-of-sight visibility on several critical and operational parameters of business.

  • Advantage of being manpower ready with functional tools and infrastructure and having the ability to deploy assets as laptops, technology platforms, safety equipment etc.