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With the rapidly growing trend of globalization in business, major corporate organisations are now engaging themselves into numerous streams of workflow like engineering, management, telecommunication, Information technology, E-commerce, retailing, etc, and with this gazing range of different operations, the requirement for the brilliant workforce is also increasing up rapidly.

The key role of the Manpower outsourcing companies is to understand the duty of the operation and thereby supply the best-matched candidate for the designated work. Easy source is one of the organizations which is coming forward to solve this crucial and unavoidable need. Easy source work as the bridge between the appropriate candidates (Job seekers) and the preferable industries which match with their capabilities.

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Manpower Outsourcing Companies

Manpower outsourcing companies help other companies to complete a task in which they don't want to hire new employees. These company carries on management or development of a product on behalf of another company. Along with a strong hold and deeper knowledge of the market, manpower outsourcing companies in India have an extended reach to the companies. These companies always carry on a range of research and development operations throughout the key business entities to assess and understand the current trends in recruitment process.

Also, Manpower outsourcing gives the chance to be perfectly informed about what opportunities are going to rise and what types of occupations will have less chance to continue in the future. Therefore, apart from being the placement partners to many organizations, manpower outsourcing companies also work as an essential career advisor to their enlisted candidates. Therefore, by being with the best manpower recruitment companies in India, candidates get the chance to well understand all the latest operational values.
There are many advantages of being engaged with manpower recruitment agencies in India. Manpower recruitment companies constantly stay in touch with the various levels of organizations. So, they always gain the perfect knowledge of parameters like current status of the companies, what kinds of skill sets and trends the major entities are following, what type of candidates have more chances to get selected, how to get higher promotions in various business operations etc. Therefore, with the support of such manpower companies in India, a candidate gets more chance to access take up the suitable opportunities.

Benefits of hiring manpower outsourcing


The manpower outsourcing and staffing agency take over the processes that the company would normally do in hiring a workforce. There are certain procedures that take a lot of time and cannot be skipped while hiring a new employee for the company these include verifying the background, verifying the educational achievements, and also making sure that the employee has criminal clearance. Manpower outsourcing agencies handle all these works and therefore, saves time for the organization.

They have the expertise:

Staffing agencies always have a level of expertise and that exceeds way more than the HR department of most of the companies. The manpower staffing agency tends to meet with people of various industries and get a chance to learn about the leading technology. Also, these agencies are more suitable for working long tedious hours for employing candidates rather than the HR of a company. These agencies provide expert recruiters and employment specialists at a low cost than most of the third-party companies.


Manpower and staffing agencies are considered advantageous for companies since they do not have to pay extra money on employee recruitment and also for funding various processes like pre-employment testing, drug screening ant, etc. These agencies also provide extra cost savings through creating payroll databases.


Manpower outsourcing and staffing companies have a large well spread network, where they are already in contact with workers whom they identify as versatile, dependent and fit for the job. So, the amount of manpower that is required for a company can be easily filled within a matter of hours or days.

They serve both employers and candidates

Manpower companies did not just serve to employers but even job seekers require the assistance of manpower consultancy companies. Such agencies have a huge database of eligible experience candidates across diverse sectors, industry verticals, qualifications, skills & outsourcing, and staffing. By hiring their services, not only employers can find the best candidates but even job applicants can seek job opportunities as per their requirements.

Reasons to choose Easy Source

Easy Source is the preferred partner for companies looking to outsource employees or hire contractual staff. We have extensive experience across industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in servicing multiple industry sectors like retail, healthcare, telecom Project, and engineering, manufacturing, process industries, Agriculture, Education, Oil, Gas & Energy, Infrastructure Railways, Services and more.

Easy Source is strengthened by a strong pan India presence, recruitment expertise of two decades and project management by experienced specialists. The last 12 years, our client base has increased to 500 plus organizations in India our clients increasingly outsource manpower to reduce high costs associated with in-house hiring, to successfully meet the ramp-ups demand. We help you concentrate on your core strength, taking away your hr woes.

Easy Source provides End to end Solutions to all Manpower Outsourcing needs. We add value to your business by:

Providing diverse workforce ranging from FOS (Feet on Street), Get, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Network Support Engineer, Customer Services Manager, Auditor, Consulting Economist, Counsellor, Long Arm Associates, Pre-Sales Executive, Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Quality Control In-charge so on and so forth.

Having long run of information and knowledge of the major organizations, our manpower services expertise always attempts to explore and assess the best opportunities available throughout the various industries and thereby train and prepare the appropriate candidates for the accurate positions in the top class entities.

What we do

  • New Hiring and scalability of existing manpower across Projects by providing manpower in a timely fashion on need basis for quick ramp-ups. Flexible tailor-made solutions per client requirements.

  • Performance based end to end operational expertise for managing all employee life cycle processes. Ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile.

  • Performance-based end to end operational expertise for managing all employee life cycle processes. Ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile.

  • Web-based Payroll expertise rolling out automated payroll systems with zero errors and ensuring transparency in pay structure and pay-out.

  • Dedicated teams and account managers with published escalation matrices to ensure seamless transition and dedicated customer support.

  • State-of-the-art web-based analytics dashboard including automatic dashboards that provide line-of-sight visibility on several critical and operational parameters of business.

  • Advantage of being manpower ready with functional tools and infrastructure and having the ability to deploy assets like laptops, technology platforms, safety equipment, etc.

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