PEO Services

You need PEO services or Employer on Record Services of Easy Source if

You need immediate presence in India and do not wish to maintain an office here

You want to get started in India and you are looking for interim arrangement to hire workforce here

You want to explore Indian Market and see if it works for your company

Indian Market is fast emerging and has a large pool of talented workforce and ample Sales opportunities. The employees are hired Through Easy Source’ employment solution as Professional Employer Organization (PEO), our local entity acts as your employee’s Employer of Record in India. Our team helps to identify and recruit qualified individuals as well as handles the human resources, payroll and the administrative management of your local employees.

Key Features

  • payroll processes

    Compliant Workforce with Contracts in place as per Indian Labour Laws

  • Manage MIS

    Hire Workforce and be part of Indian market in days 

  • Manage employee

    Easy Source as HR SPOC for all employees

  • Manage tax

    Open avenues to building business in Indian Market