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Payroll can be a time-consuming administrative task for your HR department. Also, Payroll is the most challenging task of the HR department, which needs accuracy and must meet the deadline.

Regulations and laws are updated regularly in payroll outsourcing management and an organization that’s new to it can have struggle keeping up. A proper payroll management company has a team of professionals and experts in this domain and they can quickly adapt to the changes. We, Easy Source as payroll outsourcing company give employers the right technology to work smarter and the expertise they need to make a difference. Our payroll solution is flexible, as there’s no waiting for changes.

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Benefits of payroll outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing services are always for the good of enterprises, be it small-sized, medium-sized or large.

Every organization (irrespective of its availability of resources, size, industry, and location) needs payroll and HR services to run its business cycles smoothly and to maintain the compliance process. The business owners think that they can save a lot by not opting for these services, but they are highly mistaken.

Payroll Outsourcing is sure an advantage to all the organizations and here are some of the benefits of payroll outsourcing:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Assistance throughout the total life-cycle of the employee, right from the day of recruitment to the last exit day
  • Streamlining of all payroll processes
  • Less investment in IT infrastructure
  • Well-thought-out resource deployment
  • Strict adherence to compliance and statutory requirements
  • Error-free reports and documents
  • Improved Tax Savings
  • Low-risk of penalties due to non-compliance
  • Speedy resolution of all employee issues 
  • Team of Experts
  • Enhanced Security

Why Choose Easy Source India for payroll outsourcing

Easy source Payroll Company helps you in many ways and is more than just writing checks or setting up payments via direct deposit.

We handle a wide variety of duties. Easy source payroll service specializes in every aspect of the payroll process and provides a variety of services related to the business's payroll needs. Easy source, as a reliable payroll outsourcing company provides payroll solutions to help their customer’s to:

Manage the payroll processes continuously ensuring the sanctity of data in dedicated cloud-based servers.

Manage MIS and Reporting as per your company’s requirements to get consolidated, error-free documents and reports with sharper business intelligence

Manage employee data efficiently and support them with helpdesks for query handling with defined TAT and also during year-end taxation and Investment support.

Manage tax and deductions, employee leave/attendance, etc. systematically

Keep you continuously updated wrt changes in-laws and competitive benchmarking.

Offer Continuity of Services with time-bound deliverables

Easy Source payroll services in India are one of its kind in the market with complete automation in Payroll services. Easy Source is an ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified professionally managed company across multiple locations in India. Easy source payroll services can bring about new business insights and help you focus on what you do best - running your own business. Our self-service platform enables your employees to enrol in direct deposit and view pay time off. Also, our payroll management services allow you to take your HR management to a higher level.

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💼 What are the advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services?

  1. Time Saving
  2. Cost Saving
  3. Avoid Penalties
  4. Enhanced Data Security
  5. Curtail Risk Potential & Errors
  6. Expert Service – only a call away
  7. Cost saving for Employees

💼 Why Outsource Payroll to us?

  • Partners with you to add value
  • Accessible with a human touch
  • Mobile App – Technology at your finger Tips  
  • Integrity
  • Employees-our asset
  • Cloud based SAAS supporting employees & client requirements
  • Qualitative inputs to clients for  enhancing business results