Managed Service Level Agreement (SLA) Services

There has been a transition in the Industry as the Manpower Outsourcing business is slowly moving towards the Managed Service Level Agreements. This form of outsourcing of services comes with its own set of advantages. SLA agreements take up the responsibility and accountability of functional deliverables that enable clients to operate with reduced management efforts, gain cost, and delivery efficiency.

Service-level-agreement isa contract between a service provider and its customers that documents what services the provider will furnish. SLAs measure the quality of the performance of a service provider in a number of ways.

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What is SLA?

A service-level agreement or SLA defines the level of service expected by a consumer from a service provider, laying out the metrics by which that serviceis measured, and the penalties or remedies, if any, should the agreed-on service levels not be achieved.SLA, when used in an organization without an established or formal provider-customer relationship is termed as an operating level agreement (OLA).

Benefits of SLA

SLAs are the blueprint and guidelines to any successful business organisation and create a framework to any process of business organisation. Another reason for a good set of SLAs is, that SLAs help you to analyze where your service is lacking and where improvements can be made. There are 6 key elements of every SLAs these are as follows:

6 Key Elements of every SLA

Context Setting Information

Context setting information provides customer and provider with enough of the right information about why any specific SLA is important to you and why it needs to be kept in a specific way. Also, context setting information explains the purpose and scope of the underlying agreement.

Description of Services

SLAs, description of service describe exactly which services you need, and which services can be provided and can help avoid a lot of conflict down the line. This can range from the most basic assumptions to the more detailed information.

Service Standards

Service standard element of SLA provides a solid framework for both parties,customer and the provider to understand under which conditions the agreed-upon services are provided.

Service Tracking/Reporting

Reporting andService tracking showcase the key performance indicators and SLAs that have been missed and kept and allow you to make adjustments, and redefine whatfit your needs best.

Periodic Review

It is recommended, that you review the SLAs and KPI you’ve set out at the start regularly to ensure your customers are receiving the best possible outcome. As your business grows, the needs of your business may change and keep on top of that can ensure you provide high-quality service.

Change Process

The change process element of SLA provides a valuable tool for modifying the agreement to address changing service needs and priorities. Accordingly, a great SLA provides a mechanism for modifications and reviews as needed.

Why Easy Source?

Easy Source has been a major player in the managed Service Level Engagement agreements (SLA) space since the last 10 years. The Process outsourcing includes generation of regular headcount reports, attrition analysis and capturing of real-time productivity data for deployed associates. Counter attendance management through verifiers & Geo-tagged attendance is also under-taken. Various MIS is captured relating to sales/service including data collection and analysis and Organizing / managing periodic weekly, monthly and quarterly sales/service meetings.

Easy Source undertakes Procurement and Distribution of Assets like laptops, data cards, mobile phones; tablets, toolkits Uniforms, onsite record books, and other essentials. We have expertise in Management of floaters and relievers. Training programs for skill enhancement & behavior are undertaken which includes behavioural trainings including UMANG; Workmanship trainings including KUSHAL, PRERAK, SAMARTH; Technical Training and appreciation in form of Gift Vouchers for extra initiatives including rewards to the Children of Employees like the YOUNG ACHIEVERS awards for 2016 and 2017.

Some of the projects undertaken by Easy Source under the Managed SLA are

  • payroll processes
    Payroll processes

    Outsourcing of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance projects across Delhi & NCR. For a Large Engineering conglomerate client.

  • Manage MIS
    Manage MIS

    Outsourcing of Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation maintenance for CNG and PNG across Delhi & NCR for a largest gas distribution company in the city.

  • Manage employee
    Manage employee

    Outsourcing of Meter reading Services in parts of Delhi for the largest power distribution company of Delhi.

  • Manage tax
    Manage tax

    Outsourcing of Data Centre services for an MNC in telecom project services.

  • Competitive

    Outsourcing of Pre Sales Activities for a Fortune 500 Company pan India.

  • Offer Continuity
    Offer Continuity

    Outsourcing of Admin Support Services for the Largest capital Goods Company in the world across Delhi NCR.

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