Covid-19 Employee Safety at Workplace

Covid-19 Employee Safety at Workplace

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 in March 2020 in India has created an atmosphere of uncertainty all-around. This pandemic has immensely impacted the outdoor activities especially the business and employment sector bringing the economies of the world to a major halt. The Indian economy is no exception to this and the Indian government has been audaciously facing this challenge. After an extended lockdown of three months in India, the Indian business community decided to reopen the work places while ensuring maximum safety of employees. You must have realized by now that Covid-19 is here to stay for a while; but we cannot let it adversely affect our livelihood and lives. Hence, the MNCs and major business houses have decided to reopen their office premises while ensuring adherence to the following major guidelines:

1. Social distancing is extremely necessary and has to be maintained at all levels. A distance of at least one metre has to be maintained.

2. Wearing face masks is mandatory.

3. Hands need to be washed frequently used soap and water. Also, 70 per cent alcohol based sanitisers are to be made available at all workstations.

4. All employees need to monitor their health everyday and inform the company in case of any sickness.

You should understand that the spread of novel Corona Virus can be easily restricted and contained by following the above mentioned guidelines. It is the duty of both the employer and the employee to function in such a manner that the business goes on as usual without coming in least proximity with the other person. It is indeed the responsibility of the employer to devise preventive guidelines to be followed at the workplace.

Responsibilities of the Employer

  • The employer needs to manage the health of all the workers or employees of his company.
  • The company needs to identify the vulnerable age group employees or employees having co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes or heart condition. Such employees should be given the opportunity to work from home or travel arrangements should be made for them once the situation becomes normal.
  • Make use of advanced technology tools such as videoconferencing, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other applications to communicate with the employees on a daily basis.
  • The company should prepare a roaster for the employees attending office to work. This will ensure that the business goes on as usual without the office getting crowded.
  • The employer should arrange to maintain a distance of three feet between workstations at the workplace.
  • The employer should make provision for work from home policy, flexible working hours, flexible sick leaves and so forth for the convenience of the employees.

Management of Sick Employees

It is quite possible that even after formulating and implementing the above mentioned guidelines at the workplace, the employees might get infected with Corona Virus. In such a scenario, the employer has to come up with a distinct plan of action which includes the following essential points:

  • If any employee happens to develop the symptoms of Covid-19 at the workplace then the individual must visit the nearest doctor or health centre to get his Covid-19 test done.
  • If the infected employee is being provided assistance by another employee then both the individuals must use mask and gloves as preventive measures.
  • The workplace needs to be cleaned as per the guidelines of the respective government.
  • Also, the suspected employees who could also be infected need to be identified and then isolated at home for 14 days period.

Responsibilities of the Employee

  • It is indeed imperative on the part of the employees to adhere to the guidelines mandated by the Indian government and ensure a safe working place.
  • The employee needs to take steps to boost his immunity and monitor his health constantly. In case, the individual happens to develop fever or any other associated symptoms of Covid-19, then he should consult a doctor, stay at home and inform his employer.
  • The employee needs to keep himself updated with the guidelines revised by the Indian government in consonance with the changing scenario due to Covid-19.
  • The employee needs to take preventive measures such constantly washing hands, wearing face mask and gloves and avoid touching his face with unwashed hands.
  • The employee should also follow hygiene etiquettes such as cleaning the workstation regularly, proper disposal of tissues if used and wearing disposal masks.


Both the employee and the employer have to stay committed in ensuring a safe workplace amidst the Covid-19 scenario. The spread of this virus can be contained by following certain strict guidelines. The employer, for instance, should make provision for daily temperature check of employees at the entry, maintain distance in the seating arrangement, and make provision for hand sanitizers and regular cleaning of the office premises. Therefore, to conclude, Covid-19 has adversely impacted the business environment; however, the business community needs to stay united in its fight against Corona Virus by ensuring strict adherence to workplace guidelines issued by the WHO in general and the Indian government in particular.

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