Contract Staffing: A Win-Win Arrangement for All

Getting into a definition of contract staffing can be a complex affair. Contract staffing is a practice that might sound complicated to the uninitiated, but if you are someone using this practice to get people work for your company, your decision has a lot of well rounded logic going for it.
In a nutshell, contract staffing is you collaborating with a recruitment firm and getting on board an employee who works for you, but gets paid by the recruitment firm. You monetary investment is as per the contract you have signed with the firm. You pay the firm for its services and the firm in turn pays the worker for his/her services.
Let’s try to get a more insightful look into more nitty gritty of how the whole thing actually works.

Contract staffing and temporary staffing are not always the same thing

Contract staffing is about hiring individuals for a profile, whereas with temporary staffing, you may be looking to hire a group of people to work on a specific project.
When companies go for contract staffing, they are looking to hire people for long term. In contrast, temporary staffing is usually for projects that may last for even a very short duration.
With contract staffing, employers have tougher criteria in terms of how well educated and experienced a candidate as, as opposed to the temporary staffing arrangement.

Benefits of contract staffing for employers

Contract staffing is a great way to test the candidates out. So when you hire someone on a contract basis and they work on a certain project, you have the liberty of either ending your association with them or extending the contract. If you find the individual as a useful resource, you can go ahead and offer them permanent employment in your company.
On a lot of occasions, you need people with very specific skills for a project. In such cases, it makes a lot of sense to ask a recruitment firm to look for the right people who can work for you on the project basis.
Simply for the fact that they work on contract basis, contract workers have experience and skills over a wide array of technologies and business environments, and this augurs well for any employer.
There are surveys that have indicated that contract workers are often able to give fresh solutions, looking for an outsider’s perspective, which internal employees may not get around to suggesting.
One of the most obvious benefits to contract staffing is that companies are freed of the achingly elaborate process of scouting for and hiring people. With the ball in the court of a recruitment firm, companies can focus your energies and resources on other business functions.

From the perspective of a job seeker

Job seekers are looking for job satisfaction and different individuals have a different idea of job satisfaction. But if there is an aspect where their aspirations intersect, it is the work life balance. ?
The paychecks are better and bigger in contract staffing since you are being judged solely on your own merit. With the bar higher than that in temporary staffing in terms of the experience and the skill levels, employers are willing to shell out a larger sum for getting the right resource.

Businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of contract staffing, simply for the sheer benefits it has to offer. If you are one of those employers still grappling with doubts, it’s time to take the call.

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