Advantages of Social Recruiting Processes – Why to go for them?

“Hey do you know someone who could do this job for me?” We frequently heard this in the early 90s when the recruitment market wasn’t so organised as it is today.

By the early 90s, Job Boards had appeared and the Internet was well on its way to become the hub of commercial activity. Since then, social media platforms have emerged, sporting user counts that parallel populations of countries and data articulation fit for a recruiter. And so, is it a surprise that recruiting has gone social? Hardly so.

Social Media platforms enable systematic recruitment. Advertising jobs, locating skills, profiling candidates, connecting, etc.; typical recruiting activities are all enabled today and practiced widely. These platforms connect into mainstream talent management systems on the cloud. These connections are technically web services and are seamless.

Typically, some instances of these web services include:

(a) Publishing an open position into the social media platform (LinkedIn, etc.);

(b) Candidates who spot these advertisements may follow the links and apply automatically.

Recruitment processes executed through social media channels can kill biases in recruitment. Spatial data creates the visibility necessary to know the veracity of biases caused by self-interest or saliency. If a recruiter finds himself saying that “Recruitment Source A” is working the best or if a particular employee generates more referrals, spatial data can show why the recruiter or employee in question are doing better as their networking skills are exposed through social data (their contacts). The recruiter’s (or employee) actions can also be monitored as all networking actions – connecting, communicating, posting, appreciating etc. can be analysed today.


The key to the success of a social recruiting program is in the articulation of organisational policy that contains the “dos and don’ts”, a social culture that encourages networking, and in the wide acceptance of the same. Incentivising employees and recruiters alike (as has been the case through human history), creating opportunities to network etc. will naturally encourage adoption.

In a recent blog that appeared in the HBR site, a blogger has suggested, since 50% of the jobs are never advertised, media platforms must find a way to bring such opportunities out as well. The concept of crowd sourcing has also been widely adopted in the recent times but could do better with formal infrastructure, which has platforms or market places that enable easy crowd sourcing. Both these points will go a long way in helping the recruit.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. who aptly said, “All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality”. Enablement and an open mind is the key to the future.

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