HR Consulting

HR consultant performs various administrative duties in a designated HR department and is responsible for providing support in the administration of an HR program.

Human resource consultants take a lot of administrative responsibility in their day-to-day tasks. In essence, they interpret human HR policy and offer advice on its implementation in business or an organization. From answering questions based on policy to presenting sessions of training on complex Human resource procedures, HR consultant’s services are highly responsible for a company’s continued compliance with HR policy.

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HR Outsourcing Companies

HR Outsourcing is an assigning of HR activities to a professional other than the in-house HR department. These services or activities can be transferred fully or partially, depends upon the organization

Human resources outsourcing companies provide a wide variety of general and specific advice to business, by allowing you to develop a career as a specialist or as a generalist, depending on your interests. Offering more services might land your more client work while specializing in one or a few areas can land higher-paying contracts.

HR consulting companies are highly effective at helping companies assess the performance of an organization. Also, these consulting agencies can help you implement systems and offer training and coaching to your employees to help them improve in key areas. Often the perspective outside the quality is to help companies to take performance to the next level. HR consulting service companies are the perfect solution for business organizations or industries that don’t have an HR department or who need additional employment expertise to maintain regulatory compliance.

Benefits of hiring HR consulting companies

  • Helps to procedure documentation and prepare personnel policy
  • Disability Assessments
  • Recruit to Termination, Personnel Documentation and Management
  • They prepare performance management guidelines
  • Management Training on Compliance Requirements

Functions of HR department that can be outsourced

  • Performance Management.
  • Temporary Staffing.
  • Health Care Benefits.
  • Background Screening.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Employee Assistance/Counselling.
  • Retirement Planning.

Why Easy Source?

We are passionate about designing solutions that synchronize HR goals with business goals to drive companies. We also work well with companies that cannot justify the costs associated with a full-time HR department. By providing access to experienced human resources talent on an “as needed”, practical and affordable basis, companies can go further faster.

Our clients count on us to deliver the fuel that powers their HR operational engine, whether complementing in-house HR staff with critical additional resources or providing full-service HR support when there is none.

Easy Source provides an easy, outsourced solution to maintaining standards in employment practices. We help you protect your business and employees from the risks associated with mistakes in HR administration. We will show you how to avoid costly litigation by maintaining compliance with state and federal employment regulations and providing management training and support.

Our HR Consulting Services

HR consulting services provided by Easy Source are as follows


Easy Source provides experienced and talented experts with a flexible schedule that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations!



Our portfolio of services includes HR Policy & Compliance (Handbook), Employment Processing and On-boarding, Performance Management, Basic Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Conducting HR Audits and Liaison to Benefits and Payroll providers and others as needed.



In times of transformation and change.



There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Our library of HR tools, forms and templates will cover all your needs.



Whether you’re making your first hire, developing your next level leaders or defining your company values, we use our expertise to help you create your HR strategy connecting the dots between people, process, and culture.



In the format you desire!

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