What are the SLAs Easy Source India provides to its Customers?

What are the SLAs Easy Source India provides to its Customers?

In this fast-moving era, we tend to ignore certain words & practices. Today, we bring in notice about Service Legal Agreements (SLA). Not many people know what a Service Level Agreement actually is but as the name implies, SLA is a service provided by a supplier to its customer with a detailed description of various facet like quality, responsibilities, scope, etc. It is actually a contract between the service provider and the customer. This is usually a legally binding formal contract.

It is very important to have an SLA which works to protect both the parties involved in a contract. SLAs are usually applicable for service based businesses. That is not all; SLAs have not only become popular to internet service providers or telecommunication companies but have been commonly used by recruitment consultants as well.

Easy Source manages certain projects or a service for its clients which are as follows:

  • Regular headcount reports – Easy Source India keeps a track record of employees. For instance, how many employees newly joined, left, transferred, retired, and terminated within a particular period.
  • Attrition analysis – Easy Source does the analysis and identifies the reason for leaving the organization and how to overcome this situation for their client.
  • Sales/Service data collection and analysis – Easy Source would gather sales/service data to analyze the performance and revenue generated by the client.
  • Various MIS related to sales/service – MIS system automatically collects data from various areas within a business. They are capable of providing daily reports that is sent to the client in particular time period.
  • Procurement and Distribution of Uniforms, sales/services registers or record books, badges, visiting cards, toolkits and other essential.
  • Counter attendance management and management of floaters and relievers – Easy Source provides its customers with the employee attendance management software where the attendance activities are tracked.

Meanwhile, Easy Source India has successfully completed the following projects:

  • Outsourcing electrical & mechanical maintenance projects across Delhi NCR for a large engineering conglomerate.
  • Outsourcing electrical, mechanical and instrumentation maintenance for CNG & PNG for largest gas Distribution Company in Delhi NCR.
  • Outsourcing of data centre services for MNC in telecom project sector.
  • Statutory Compliance services outsourced to largest Air Conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

Lastly, an SLA is a way for a supplier and a purchaser to agree on what would be their minimum level of satisfaction. They can be either a simple written document or a complex one. The document specifies each and every point and the options the buyer has if the SLA is not met.

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