Virtual Meetings Tips to Keep Your Clients Engaged During Online Meetings

Virtual Meetings Tips to Keep Your Clients Engaged During Online Meetings

The global COVID-19 outbreak has left no choice for companies and their employees but to stay home and keep working without compromising on the workflow through thick and thin.

Continuous virtual working appears to be a humdrum routine work and hence result in dwindling of productivity and efficiency.

How do we bring life to this mundanity?

Generally, in case of face-to-face meetings, clients gather in a board room, restaurant or any other decided venue and keep a watch over time, both showtime and wrap-up time.

The agenda of the conference is clued-up well beforehand with the notion that it will advance in an orchestrated manner such that the time invested pays off well.

Use of gestures along with elocution makes everyone well aware of the crux of the gathering and leaves no room for miscommunications.

Shutting off distractions such as attending to phone calls, responding to emails and completing other commitments in hand, etc and full concentration on the face-to-face meetings makes it a more viable option than virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings with its strengths and shortcomings if employed well might outdo the long-established in-person meetings. The more we mould our cyberspace culture with a touch of the unique features of the traditional in-person meets, we will be profitable. Proper rehearsals ahead of time and a plan B is the key.

In this era of netizens, effective cyber meets are no more toilsome. A plethora of options in the market allows you to just pick one and kick-off. Captera is one such best sources for you to search for product reviews and get the best-in-class collaboration software for your business meetings.

You can also scroll through The Couch Manager for discovering the profusion of technology tools segregated into various categories to suit your needs.

Key Tips to ponder in virtual meetings

Use the strategies below to plan and host a successful virtual meeting with Clients

Tips for successful virtual meeting with Clients
Tips for successful virtual meeting with Clients

Set the agenda

The critical discussions of the meet needs to be clearly listed and proclaimed to the clients beforehand. This will anticipate voluntary participation from all the members and eventually usher a smooth flow of the plan towards achieving the pre-decided goal.

Less is more

Limiting the count of participants will serve the purpose well. Managing a large group over a virtual call might turn out to be unruly, chaotic and even boisterous at times. Also, contributions from each of the participants will only elongate the call and end up being dull. If half of your time passes away via introductions than all your effort will go in vain.

Rule book

Having rules in a remote meeting can help save a lot of time and guide us to not deviate from the epicentre. The etiquettes to be put into practice are:

  • Dressing right
    • Tidy and appropriate surroundings
    • No responding to emails, scrolling through social media or side conversations.
    • Turning off your audio when not speaking
    • Introducing yourself before airing your views and opinions.
    • Actively listening to the co-speakers with your eyes on the screen.
    • No munching or chewing on the call.

Swap the role plays

Authorizing members every time with a new responsibility, for instance, switching the roles of note-takers, facilitators, timekeepers, troubleshooters, etc among the participants will help grasp the attention of each one in the crew and also help add a touch of newness every time.

Keep it short and crisp

When using any presentation tools, you must assure the use of Minimum Viable PowerPoint(MVP) deck for hasslefree and speedy understanding.

Complete the loop

Keeping the feedback round for the later part will avoid interruptions and diversions off the track. Ask for contributions from each and everyone because it manifests a sign of respect and value for their voice. This will motivate the clients to stay engaged and attentive.


After having wrapped up, do not forget to send a follow-up email to each of the attendees by spotlighting the key takeaways from the gathering. Routine checks on the work progress must be made.

Spice it up

Meetings are always clichéd to be monotonous and stressful. Adding a tint of humour will actually work wonders on the members. Organising ice-breaking activities and fun games will boost the morale of participants and they will never hesitate to attend such meetings in future.

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