The outbreak of the health crisis in the form of Corona Virus in 2020 redefined the working landscape in India as well as globally. Various innovative measures were adopted by the companies to keep their business running while confronting the crisis globally. In such an uncertain and dynamic business scenario, manpower outsourcing turned out to be an economical and viable option for several companies. Manpower outsourcing has been adopted by SMEs and MNCs both to save on time and money, increase efficiency and ensure smooth operation.

Let us now go through the types of manpower outsourcing provided in India.

  1. Contractual, Ad Hoc and Project Based Recruitment: Organizations are increasingly doing recruitment on contractual, ad hoc and project basis not just to save money but also to handle the present uncertain business scenario created by the outbreak of the Corona Virus. Manpower outsourcing firms have a database maintained of skilled workforce through which they facilitate the swift recruitment for their clients in various verticals. The recent shift from hiring permanent staff to contractual workers has highlighted the focus on manpower outsourcing in India.
  2. Workforce Management: This is an essential feature of manpower outsourcing in India. The manpower outsourcing company keeps in touch with the recruited employees with the objective of motivating them to perform better and efficiently in their job profile. The company keeps in touch with the hired employees and takes regular updates from them— about queries, complaints, induction programmes and so forth. This ensures that the employees are working satisfactorily which in turn boosts the productivity of the company.
  3. HR Audit Outsourcing: An indispensable service provided under manpower outsourcing in India is HR audit. Conducting an HR audit at least once in a year is mandatory for it helps the organization to stay ahead in the competitive business world and avoid any unnecessary penalties. Also, this service acquires paramount importance in case of a merger or acquisition by your organization.  An HR audit helps to understand the policies implemented and adhered to by your organization to ensure compliance and avoid any kind of workplace discrimination.


Indeed, there are plethora of services provided under the term ‘manpower outsourcing’ in India. Opting for manpower outsourcing is certainly a viable and wise decision considering the uncertain and dynamic business scenario existing at present. However, you need to choose the right manpower outsourcing firm considering your budget and objectives to be achieved.

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