Tips To Strike The Balance Between Employee Motivation And Work Pressure

The success of an organisation, to a great extent, depends on the employees. Irrespective of the fact whether you have large or small company; or start-up or established an organisation, it is important to motivate employees so that they can strike the right balance between personal life and work while dealing with the work pressure.

No doubt that hiring employee might sound quite an easy task. However, soon you will realise that none of your employees care for your organisation. In fact, there might be many employees who do not even work and deliver work as per their role. Hence, it becomes important for you to take measures to motivate employees so that they work for the good of the company. Here are a few tips to make your employees push hard to their limits while motivating them at the same time.

Dangle a carrot

It is one of the best ways to make your people work hard while ensuring they stay happy. All you need to do is find out which carrot appeal to which employee of yours. If, for some reason, you are not able to find out what appeals to them, then just begin with dangling money because most of the employees want to walk the ladder to success while making money.

Feed them appropriately

Can you imagine anyone without eating? No! Everyone has to eat. Hence, why not feed your employees as well. Facebook and Google are just some of the many organisations which feed their people for free of cost, and no doubt, it just works well.  As a matter of fact, employees do not have to leave the office for food, which makes them more productive. If you are a start-up and cannot feed employees, then you can at least treat your employees once in a month. Or, you can buy a meal for those employees who have attained their weekly goals.


Often it happens that employees are not productive in same working conditions. Just change the working environment, and notice a change in your company’s growth. Although you can make changes to the furniture of your office, being spontaneous can charge up the environment at the office almost instantly.

Let them speak!

Simply because you have hired them does not mean they do not have opinions and views. They are to help you grow and expand your business and do things which can do wonders to your business. Remember, they are not your slaves. Lend ear to your employees, hear them and work out things which are good for both.

Above slated are a few tips which can help an organisation improve working conditions for employees. Maintaining right balance is important to ensure smooth functioning of the company.

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