Tips to maximise your introverted employee’s strengths

Time and again introverts have been tagged with absurd allegations in the society that we exist in. This ever-present introvert-extrovert feud, especially in an organisational setting, has been smouldering for ages now. Its time to unshackle them from the long-present disdain and reward them with the privilege of living in an egalitarian society they are worthy of.

Extroversion and Introversion have been two indispensable factors in the realm of psychology. Although, introverts and extroverts are the polar opposites and maintaining them together in an organisation might leave the HR manager in an anxiety-ridden state. But when fostered well, it could lead the company to bring the best out of its people.

Let me explain this dissimilarity to you by considering a simple example from our surrounding. The cactus plant, unlike other plants, has special properties which allow itself to withstand even the harshest of deserts. Watering it more unlike other plants will only lead the cacti to die eventually. Likewise, if you want to get the best out of your introverted employees, it is very necessary for you to genuinely understand their traits well, acknowledge the way they are and then adopt ways to amplify their performances. It is very essential to nurture them in the right way as this will help enrich their careful, attentive, humble, kind, empathetic nature and pave their way to success.

How do you spot out the introverts?

No matter how big or small as a company you are, it is obvious that you will have a handful of introverts working for you. You just cannot afford to lose them as they are the secret ingredient vital for an

organisations success. The most simple things are the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. Therefore, you should be wise enough to sense the introverts and then treat them as if they were what they ought to be.

The Quiet Revolution Personality Test developed by Susan Cain will be the best tool for you to ascertain where your employees fall in the spectrum of introversion and extroversion. It lists down a set of 10 questions interrogating about topics on decision making, performances in different environments, me-time space and many more. These questions need to be answered in a 5 point rating scale and subsequently categorises the person with a detailed analysis of the responses that have been recorded.

How to make the grade?

Workplaces have been structuring their pursuits by favouring the extrovert ideals more and overlooking the irrationality of the approach. Its time we break the norm and start embracing a more introvert-friendly approach. Having said that, it is also very important for you to be cautious enough to not push your introvert employees to do colours when they are comfortable doing their usual black and white. Some important tips to boost the strength of your introverted employees’ strengths are:

  • Organising of unplanned meetings and forcing your introvert employees to voice their opinions will only leave them startled and fill them with remorse and shame. Instead, provide them with a pre-planned agenda at least a few minutes beforehand, this will allow them to be prepared and help them unleash their rather veiled potential.
  • Where group brainstorming would appear more flashy to introverts and will only send them in a perturbed state. A study conducted by Peter O’Conner, Watson & Gardiner(2016) affirms that introverts are benefitted more by relaxation training which includes stretching, breathing, meditation exercises. Hence, try and organise such sessions in order to help them overcome anxiety, stress which will, in turn, help them boost their creative thinking.
  • It’s very maddening for the introverts to be misunderstood all the time. They are people who enjoy their solitude and like to deep dive into thoughts without being disturbed. Unlike the garrulous extroverts, these people are not fascinated by small talks. They rather prefer to engross in more thought-provoking talks and like to socialise but in really small gatherings. So, next time an introvert employee doesn’t show up in the office party, don’t just snub but respect and accept them the way they are.

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