Time to Stop Viewing Temporary Staffing Dispassionately and Start Adopting it

Great staff ensures spring times for businesses. No matter how advanced the technology being used is, how huge the initial funding is, how huge the market base is, or how small the competition is, if you do not have workers who make all of the above matter, you are not going to matter.

It goes without saying that finding such people and bringing them on board is a task steeped in huge levels of time and money consumption. It adds to the already piled up to-dos for any businesses and proves to be a costly exercise. When you talk about hiring new people, the expenses can be broadly divided into two categories – predictable and unpredictable.

From the very start, the process of reviewing resumes, evaluate candidates, interview them, send them online tests, get the selected ones evaluated from existing employees, the whole affair is a long-winded one, which takes away a major portion of your time and money. And then you add to that cost the workers who resign from their duties. This cost is one which is not taken into account mostly, but just see the arithmetic side of it – you spend hordes of money training employees and building teams. So when they leave, especially in a few months, your training cost are hardly recovered and you got to hire new people, train them from scratch and get them up to speed with the internal processes.

So how do you avoid being in this multi-layered process that can be quite chaotic? The simplest and the most effective solution to the problem is to outsource temporary employees through a professional staffing agency. Let’s take a closer look at why outsourcing your staffing requirements is recommended:

  • Get rid of the processes that don’t directly contribute to business: Sure, it’s the people that make a company and help a business prosper, but finding those people is a process that only eats up resources. In a temporary staffing agency, you find an able partner that does your work for you. They find suitable candidates, correspond with them, evaluate them with interviews and tests, etc. and then contract them out to you.

  • Get more people when a project demands so: the scale and magnitude of the project may remain same over time, but there is every chances that different phases call for more workforce strengths. More heads can do the job in a shorter time span. Again, you can’t find people just by wishing, but if you have a partnership with an agency that can provide you human resource on temporary basis, a great deal of flexibility is lend to your business.

  • Eliminate risks of people leaving midway: When it comes to the job market, it’s an industry that keeps on growing to massive scales. The direct result of this scaling up is employing switching jobs at a rate faster than ever. Especially in midsized companies or start-ups, the attrition rate is perpetually high. So there is every chance that any of your project member, at any given time, can quit the job and leave the project in lurch. This is where the panic starts to creep in, and project starts to suffer. And this is where the need for a partnership with a temporary staff outsourcing provider is felt. If you find yourself in such a situation, getting a skilled and able worker as replacement for the one who quit becomes a prospect way easier and realistic. The hiring exercise becomes faster, so the time lost due to a project member leaving is greatly reduced. What mostly happens is that if a project member leaves, his or her responsibilities are designated to someone else, someone who doesn’t have their expertise in the area. This way, not just their own work suffers, but it also leads to them giving mediocre output, that directly affects your business. That’s when it helps to have a partner that can supply you reliable workforce, and supply it fast.

  • No compulsion to give benefits or bonuses: A highly cost saving benefit of temporary staffing through an outsourcing company is that you don’t have any compulsion to dole out bonuses on festivals or other benefits that are reserved for your permanent employees, such as life insurance, accidental insurance, travel allowance, and so on. These benefits are taken care by the company that gives them pay checks at the end of the month, which is your outsourcing partner. Workers are on their payroll and so, you don’t need to concern yourself with those details, which brings us to the payroll point. Payroll is a multi-layered process that needs a lot of surface level as well as in-depth arithmetic and manual work. The bigger a company is, more complicated their systems grows to be. Managing everyone’s salaries is a task in itself, and when you add to the mix the tax calculations, the stakes get only higher and complications increase manifold. If you want to free yourself up of all the intricacies, the paperwork and additional functions, get a temporary employment model for your company so that it is someone else’s responsibility to manage payrolls of your workforce. This way, you also don’t have to deal with the tax penalties, which are unavoidable to be honest.

  • No scope for hiring mistakes: There is a great chance that you make hiring mistakes along the way by getting people whose CV look good, but their skills are not the true representation of the degree and experience mentioned on their CV. In a traditional arrangement, it gets complicated to ask an employee to leave over performance issues. But when you hire workers temporarily, you can gauge their performance over a few weeks and then decide whether you wish to persist with them or not. And if you have got your hands on someone who is just right, you can extend their contract for long term. So get new workers, test them out in terms of their work quality and how well they fit into your workplace culture, and then take the final call. What it does is that it prevents you from making bad hiring decisions and regretting them later. You get what you want, and you get it cheap.

  • Last but not the least – cost savings: Outsourcing your staffing needs is not a free of cost service, but when you compare the amount you pay the agency against the money you have to shell out for the various processes of finding, recruiting and hiring people, and then maintaining their employment with your company, it becomes much clearer what saves you a lot of money. With internally hired employees, you also have to incur the costs of training them. The staffing agencies have people who are experienced and skilled, and as said earlier, highly motivated. You present your need to the agency and they fill you up with candidates who are most able and suited for the job. Again, if you don’t like them, you have a way out, and if you do like them, you can get them for long term. Cost saving also has root in all the above mentioned benefits. So you are making savings on not having to manage payrolls, or getting a quick replacement for a project member, investing in processes that contribute a great deal to the overheads.

So if you look at the bigger picture, temporary staffing can really take a lot of workload off your shoulders. This is a huge bonus since with more time and resources to spare, you can rev up your processes that directly impact your products and projects, leading to faster growing business. This is further helped along by the fact that you have quality and dedicated employees knocking at your doorstep – working for you and getting paid by your business partner. This is a win-win deal in every respect and helps you as a business owner to manage things with way more structure and less chaos.

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