Believe it or not working from home or a remote location has been the new feature added in the backdrop of the Covid-19 scenario. The outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 has highlighted that working from home while simultaneously handling household chores can be a reality. But, this brings us to the question: How to manage professional work and personal life together while working from home? This is where the management comes to play a crucial role in promoting work-life balance among its employees. First, of all, let us understand the concept of work-life balance. What is it? And why it is necessary?

What is work-life balance?

The concept of work-life balance implies doing office work at home and side-by-side handling the daily work of your household as well. This means that while you are attending calls at home simultaneously you are cooking, gardening or purchasing the requisite items for your household work. The idea is to ensure that one does not overlap the other and leave you overwhelmed.

What is the need of having work-life balance?

The business environment has been severely impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, the working scenario has also become completely unpredictable. This has made it mandatory for employees to adapt to change every moment. Now, this might lead to stress and burnout. You might be doing office work from home on your laptop and simultaneously doing work in the kitchen. This multi-tasking can be easy for some but not for all. So, here you need to ensure that you develop the required aptitude and acumen to handle office and household work together in a smooth manner.

Steps taken by the Management for ensuring Work-Life Balance

The Senior Management of your company in collaboration with the human resource personnel has to come up with innovative ideas for ensuring work-life balance for its employees. Some of the innovative ways which help in promoting work-life balance among the employees are the following:

1. Find out what the employees need: One of the foremost steps taken by the management in this direction is to find out what exactly the employees need to attain work-life balance.  One easy way of doing this is by conducting an online survey among its employees. Some employees might need a gym at workplace, other may need flexible working hours or others might need a day off in the week. Depending upon the response of your employees, you can decide upon your plan of action to promote work-life balance.

2. Flexible work environment: The present uncertain scenario has made it mandatory for companies to promote the idea of flexible work timings. It is quite possible that your company comes up with the idea that employees should complete 45 hours a week with flexibility of working from home. Or else, the company can initiate the idea of giving a day off in a week while working for extra hours on other days of the week. Basically, the idea is to promote flexibility so that employees do not feel burdened by office work at home. This flexibility will, in fact, encourage the employees to handle tasks simultaneously at home while doing office work.

3. Promote creativity among employees: Always remember that mental well-being of your employees is extremely vital to withstand pressure of any kind. You as an employer need to foster the sense of creativity by arranging for creative activities (for example, poster making competition, poetry writing competition and so forth) on a monthly or quarterly basis. This make your employees think beyond their daily duties. If your employees continue to work hard daily, they might begin to feel resentful of their job as it does not give them time for anything else. So, as an employer be proactive! Take steps to indulge your employees in creative activities at the workplace.

However, in the present situation wherein you might be working from home, you can unleash your creativity in activities such as cooking, gardening, writing and so forth. It has become all the more essential to take time out for yourself in the present unpredictable scenario. Believe me, all these steps will be very helpful in maintaining work-life balance in the long run.

4. Give emphasis to working efficiently: You need to realise that working efficiently is required rather than working harder for long hours. This will not just boost your productivity but will also give you time to complete the other tasks at hand. The management should also encourage its employees to work smartly and efficiently.

In this manner, you will acquire the skill of time management and hence will plan and complete your multiple tasks easily. You will save time to complete your household chores and attend to your children and parents as well without feeling guilty of having office work to complete.

5. Encourage taking up healthy habits: Your physical well-being is as important as your mental well-being. If you are not physically fit, then you cannot even think of taking up and completing numerous tasks. Hence, several companies in the pre-Covid-19 scenario organized Yoga sessions while some had set-up a gym in their premises for their employees.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, you might be working from home. In this scenario, it is difficult for you to do physical exercise outside. But, still you must try to do Yoga or stretching exercises at home to keep yourself physically fit. Physical fitness will energize you and you will feel strong enough to manage your office work and household tasks together.

Therefore, to conclude, the new mantra of the twenty-first century working environment is the maintenance of work-life balance. You need to master this art as quickly as you can so that you become proficient enough to handle pressure both at home and office.

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