The change in lifestyle post COVID-19

The change in lifestyle post COVID-19

Few events in the world will be as talked as covid-19 pandemic in the years to come. And the reason is not only because it made powerful countries go into lockdown, turn giant corporations upside down or for taking a massive toll on global economy. It would also be remembered for changing the lifestyle of a majority of people across the world. In this blog, we look at how lifestyle in the post Covid world will drastically transform.

Entertainment: In the post Covid world theatres will be a lot less popular because of social distancing fears. Many of the new movies would be released on OTT platforms. This would definitely be beneficial to the viewers who would need to spend a lot less to catch up on the new releases. However, theatre owners would suffer a deep jolt. If theatres have to stay relevant, they would need to reduce capacity and ensure social distancing inside the movie hall. The same goes for sports avenues. Football and cricket stadiums would have to reduce capacity and ensure social distancing in the stadiums else they could go empty for the coming year.

Travel and hospitality: Travel and hospitality has been the most hit sector in this pandemic. The situation is unlikely to change in the very near future. If the travel industry has to pick up, then the sector would have to start slow. Flights would first go to places which have not been hit by the epidemic much. They would also have to travel at half the capacity to ensure social distancing. The same goes for the hospitality sector. This sector has witnessed massive layoffs and many restaurants and hotels have had huge losses. For this sector to get back on its feet, it would need to follow social distancing norms as well. Hence, only fixed number of people would be allowed in swimming pools at a time. Restaurants would have to ensure that people sit apart. This would mean not all chairs in a restaurant can be used. Hence, for the next few months or the coming year, restaurants and hotels would have to take a drop in the number of people they can service.

Social functions: Humans have socialized in groups since centuries and millennia together. However, all that came to an abrupt halt during the covid pandemic. Until the virus is eliminated and a stable vaccine is found, weddings, funerals, baptism parties and even church services could suffer a hit. Wedding halls, churches, and even graveyards would have to make sure fewer people are allowed. This could impact the revenues of wedding halls, caterers and decorators. Innovations in this sector would definitely emerge and the small businesses would flourish again.

Since the pandemic has hit every aspect of our life, many of us struggle to recollect life in the pre-pandemic period. Hence, it would be hard to go back to pre-pandemic life. However, as we settle into the new normal, let us welcome the innovations and technologies that will augment our varied experiences.

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