Temporary Staffing – Bolstering Your Human Resource

Competition is omnipresent and ever growing. And when you talk of the business landscape, it only gets more cut throat and intense. How do you keep up? It becomes such a rat race of companies trying to stay relevant and trying to be ahead of their fastest peers that are scaling up their resources in an all-round fashion. So whether it’s the technology being used, or products being launched, or updates being rolled out or even acquisitions being done, businesses are leaving nothing to chance and leaving no stones unturned in their bid to outlast the competition.

One common denominator to all this scaling up is the workforce at work here. The most advanced technologies require skilled hands to leverage it fully, the latest products need insightful developers and product managers to keep it in line with what the end user wants, the product updates require people who stay abreast with what’s the latest in the market and have the guts, aptitude and skills to reinvent the product so that it appeals to the new breed of customers and still stays as simple and effective to an existing user who may not be able to grasp the nuances of fast-changing technology.

But while the technology out there and the ways to adopt it keep evolving, one thing that has also witnessed a transformation of sorts is the way to hire people. No longer are companies only invested in scouting people using the age old methods – get a standalone HR department in the company, comprising of 2-4 people, and thrust all the hiring and managing people responsibilities on them. Business owners have realized the follies with these outdated methods and the irregularities and issues they introduce in the system. Most of it revolve around the quality of the personnel hired and the maintenance overload associated with managing workforce. And this is precisely the reason why temporary staffing outsourcing is witnessing a surge in its popularity among businesses of all kinds.

What you are doing essentially with temporary staffing is that you are cherry pick resources out of a resource hub on a need basis. You only pick what you want and when you want it, and you pay this resource for only the service it gives you, not for the period it was on your payroll but sitting idle. A partnership with a contract staffing outsourcing provider gives you options limitless. As and when you need extra hands for a project, you communicate the same to your partner and they contract their employee out to work on your project. All you got to do is keep an eye on the performance of this resource. They are not on your payroll. So every detail that exists with a regular employee does not apply here. You are freed of the burdens of having another employee who is also earning from you for the extended idle time that are very common in businesses – especially in the big companies.

The flexibility you get holds you in great stead. There are various occasions when your client is expecting you to deliver huge loads of work in less than a week, and the resources you have internally is barely up for it. Also, this situation is won’t be there beyond 7 days. So, what do you do? Hire a permanent employee who may not have much to do after a week. You may have to shell out a huge sum of money as monthly salary to someone whose services you may or may not need in a few days from now. This is where temporary hiring makes much more sense. Get in touch with a company that deals in contracting out their employees on project basis or contract basis. You pay them for their service a nominal amount without much paper work and the individual they provide you with is paid by them by an arrangement with which you hardly have anything to do. You are only paying for the service you currently need instead of investing in continuous employment.

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