Stress Management at Work ,Proven Ideas

Stress Management at Work ,Proven Ideas

Stress affects millions of people across the globe. One of the most commonly prevalent forms of stress is related to professional life.

In fact, in the current volatile economy stress is more pronounced than ever before.

Stress at Work Place

Stress Management at Work ,Proven Ideas
Stress at Work

Worries about the inability to keep a job, survive competition and how to tackle ever-increasing expenses lead to stress and anxiety.  In the given scenario, stress management at work is the need of the hour.

On an average, a professional can have as many as ten to fifteen projects at a point of time. Modern day employees are distracted up to 2.2 hours a day and interrupted seven to eight times an hour.

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Stress Management at Work Place

Professionals working with large and established companies are experiencing corporate restructuring. Most of them are uncertain about their future. Perhaps it is one of the main reasons for near about 40 percent of adults lying awake at night beset by the stressful events that unfolded in the day.

Is there any way for maintaining focus throughout the day at work? How to keep cool and calm in several demanding situations? How can things be done just right and still time is left for other work? 

Here are a few stress management tips at your workplace or office:

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Relax! Take a deep breath

Relax & take deep breath to manage stress level at office
Relax & take deep breath to manage stress level at office

If you are coming out of a meeting or are feeling overwhelmed, and you feel the need to get a better view of the entire meeting then just take a few minutes of deep breathing. It will help in restoring balance.

All you need to do is just inhale for five seconds, hold breath and exhale in equivalent counts. Calm and focus you will help you work out things better at your desk.

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Act, do not react!

Stress Management at Work
Stress Management at Work

Most of the times, the reaction is consequential to certain stressful situations which are out of control. High stress levels can even wear down well-being, concentration and confidence.

In such a scenario, you should try to identify aspects which you can control and which you cannot control.

In fact, you are in control of your responses and control, however, neither you cannot control the tone of someone else nor in control of macro forces. Be responsible for your 50 percent, let the rest go.

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Get rid of interruptions

Cut off Distractions in Office to make yourself stress free
Cut off Distractions in Office to make yourself stress free

The moment you step inside the office, you are bombarded with phone calls, instant messages, emails and sudden and urgent deadlines. These factors make your day distracted enough to gain stress.

While controlling interrupters are not possible, all that you can do is control your response. There are three ways of responding – understand its importance and work out a plan, cut off or accept the interruption.

Managing stress at work is important so that you can achieve the desired goal without any obstacle.

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