Signs You Are an Awful Boss

Signs You Are an Awful Boss

You tend to bless your stars if you are working under a great and considerate boss. But, what happens if your boss is a terrible manager! Yes, if you happen to work under an awful boss, it might be time for your make the change. How do you decide that your boss is good or bad?

Let us go through some of the significant signs which help you analyse that you are working under an awful boss.

1. Your ideas are constantly rejected by your boss: Your boss might a person who is not interested in making any changes to the manner of working of your team. So it could be possible that your ideas, views or opinions are rejected at the workplace by your boss. This will make you feel dejected and less motivated to work.

2. Your hard work never gets appreciated or acknowledged by your boss: An awful boss will never appreciate or let alone appreciate your work or extraordinary task accomplished by you. This will hinder your growth prospects in the company.

3. You are expected to be a perfectionist in your work by your boss: An awful boss never considers you a human prone to making mistakes. In fact, he wants you to deliver numbers without any delay or mistakes. This kind of behaviour is prone to make you feel disheartened and demotivated towards your work profile.

4. You are spoken to in a disrespectful and rude manner by your boss: It could be possible that your boss speaks in a rude manner to you and that too in front of the entire team. An awful boss is also at times disrespectful to you. All this makes you feel that you are no longer a valuable asset of your company.

5. No constructive feedback is provided by your boss: Your desire to evolve as a person professionally requires constructive feedback about your work from your boss. What if your boss fails to provide that? Yes, it is extremely discouraging if your boss speaks nothing about the manner in which you completed your project or the time taken to accomplish the task.

6. No freedom to work on your own in your work profile: It is quite possible that your boss constantly monitors your work and maintains constant supervision. An awful boss will limit your way of functioning and will coerce you to follow the mandated way of completing your project instead of applying your mind to your task. This happens to diminish your creativity and makes you dull-headed and dumb at your workplace.

7. You are constantly left out of significant projects by your boss: An awful boss will hinder your growth prospects in the company. Your boss might assign an important project to his favourite team member instead of assigning the task according to the calibre and potential of every team member. This will have a detrimental impact on your productivity in the company.


Therefore, to conclude, you should always look for signs which hamper your productivity and growth in the company. And, an awful boss is certainly a great impediment in your growth trajectory. However, you can either look for ways for modifying the habits and behaviour of your boss or simply change your company and work under a new, visionary boss.

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