Open up to Temporary Staffing and Witness Pure Growth Bliss

Just like signing a contract at the time of joining bounds an employee, the arrangement of permanent staffing is bounding to the employers. Flexibility is the biggest compromise that companies make when they go by the age old means of hiring people temporarily, just based on their CVs and how well they have done in their interviews. Companies do not get to evaluate the on the job skills, which may prove averse to their growth. But it’s not just the lack of evaluation, rather there is a host of other reasons that should make companies rethink on their approach and take a call on it if they want to continue 

As a business owner or hiring manager, because you are on a fire fighting mode, you might as well find yourself settling for a below par hire, considering that time is a restraint. This in turn will lead to your project suffering quality wise and you client not being too happy with the project overall. There is not much here that you can blame your HR department for, since they can only do so much on such a short notice.

Also, these time hassles and the fact that you are spending way more than you should be in an ideal scenario should be more than enough to get you off this outdated wagon. Temporary staffing can really smoothen out the processes because you are only paying to people who are actually putting in the work, and you are only paying them for the time they dedicate to the project. As and when you do not need an employee, there is an easy way out because he or she were anyways associated with you over a short term contract. As opposed to this, you get stuck with permanent employees.

On the other hand, temporary staffing opens doors for you for growth opportunities that you don’t even know exist. And this growth is in the form of the very optimised output that you get from the people working for you – employed by a third party but contributing to your projects. The fact that somebody else is paying them for their dedication to your project and you are paying that somebody else an amount is I far more reasonable than what you would have had to pay the employees during and after the project is a good enough reason for you to seriously consider temporary staffing and prefer it over the traditional form of staffing.

In many ways, it is a variant of a business model where you are buying tangible goods from a one stop shop and paying them a fixed, stipulated amount rather than going to different sources for different sorts of good and paying each of those sources individually. The end result of going by the approach of buying different goods from different suppliers is that you end up paying several times more than the ideal amount you should pay for a quality good quality items. The most point to consider is that unless this business model, you are not sure about the quality, because your company’s internal HR department is lacking in resources. They don’t have the time and perhaps the inclination to look so intensely for candidates that are totally in sync with what you need. As opposed to this, a company dealing in temporary staffing outsourcing, what you get is a bunch of experts hiring as part of their business model and then contracting out their high quality hires to you, making sure that you get what you really need.

The light is dawning upon companies that have been thus far closed shut to the idea of temporary outsourcing. It’s time for you to embrace that light as well and make the right call.

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