As an employee of your organization have you ever wondered how the HR is able to tackle a multi-generation workforce? Well! Believe me, it is certainly an uphill task for the HR. Today, one of the major challenges facing the organization is the presence of a multi-generation workforce with each employee exhibiting individual traits, skills, preferences, choices and so forth. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the management of the organization to identify the significant traits of every employee and accordingly manage the various teams. This can be done by adopting the following practices by the organization:

Comprehend the individual traits of every employee: It is extremely important for the manager of a team to recognise whether generation gap exists in the team or not. There could be young Millennials as well as generation Z working together in the team. So the manager needs to identify the choices, likings, preferences of every team member and accordingly assign work to the team members.

Introduce mentoring programmes: This is a crucial way in which the manager of a team can easily handle cross-generations. He can ask the individual team members to share their experiences and work patterns which can further enhance and add-on to the experiences of every team member.

Adopt a flexible approach: This factor is extremely vital because without giving every team member or every employee an opportunity to present his/her perspective; it will become difficult to handle a multi-generational workforce. For instance, the manager of a team will have to provide an equal platform to every member to voice his opinion so that parity within the multi-generational workforce gets maintained.

Frequently ask questions: It is imperative for the manager to ask questions from his team members in order to comprehend their way of thinking and working mechanism as well. This will enable the manager to leave behind assumptions and take care of perspectives and opinions shared by the team members.

Establish collaboration among the team members: The most essential factor in handing a multi-generation workforce lies in the fact of establishing collaboration among the members of the team. A manager has to ensure that the old generation members are able to coordinate well with the Millennials. This will establish close bonding among the team members and will thereby facilitate the process of handling a multi-generation workforce.

Avoid one-size fit for all the members: It is imperative for the team manager to comprehend that since his team comprises of different generation members, it is vital for him to assign the project to every team member based on his aptitude, forte, and method of working. It is not necessary that a course of action adopted by the manager for one team member would be the same for another team member. It is quite possible that the manager has to adopt a distinct course of action for every team member to discharge his responsibilities in an easy manner.

Therefore, to conclude, it is quite possible that the workforce of a team consists of different generation individuals. As a result, these employees have a unique way of functioning and behavior in the organization. These peculiar traits are to be identified by the manager or the head of the department and then to be utilized in such a manner that they produce optimum results for the organization.

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