Make In India : About Program, Sectors, Resources

Make In India : About Program, Sectors, Resources

Updated : 21 Feb, 2020

Make In India : Program

Make in India campaign was initiated by the BJP-led NDA government to boost economic progress and employment opportunities in India and attract foreign investors to invest into the Indian economy. As a part of this initiative, the Make In India campaign was launched in September 2014 by the current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.  

The Make in India initiative was formally introduced on September 25, 2014 by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, in the presence of top businessmen from India.

The entire campaign is aimed at developing skills in job seekers as well as creating opportunities for companies from India as well as multinational companies to invest in various sectors.

One of the most important pillars this campaign stands on is ease of business. Investors are often thwarted by the endless bureaucratic procedures required to establish a plant, obtain a license and perform essential business functions.

An initiative of this scale would require massive changes in the policies as well as mindset, which is exactly what the government is trying to accomplish with this initiative.

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Make in India : Sectors in Focus

As many as 25 different industrial sectors fall under this campaign including, but not limited to:

  • Defense Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles And Garments
  • Thermal Power
  • Railways
  • Oil And Gas

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has played a pivotal role along with the Central government and various State governments to craft new policies and initiatives.

Gujarat has established an online system for Pollution Control Board permits, Maharashtra has drastically reduced the procedure and time for getting an electricity connection, Punjab has created Invest Punjab to make the investment process in the state faster and easier.

While Delhi has established a brand new online portal for obtaining construction permits. As is evident, state governments are stepping up to realize the Make In India dream.

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Campaign’s Vision

As important as new policies are, the other important pillar the campaign stands on is creating jobs for the unemployed youth. The goal is to establish about 100 million jobs by 2020.

This might sound quite ambitious but coupled with the increase in manufacturing units being set up in India, the goal is not unbelievable.

Creating jobs is not enough; therefore as a precursor to obtaining jobs, Skill Development centers have also been set up all over the country. These centers work on training youth and equipping them with skills necessary to enter the workforce.

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is another major goal for this campaign. Some sectors have been opened up to invite as much as 100% FDI, while others, such as the Defence sector allow limited, but substantial FDI.

Till date, the Make In India campaign has garnered about USD 18 million worth of investment from manufacturing companies all over the world. China, Japan, France and other countries have also invested or are planning to invest through this campaign.

Companies such as General Motors, Foxconn, Samsung, and Huawei have announced the setting up of manufacturing plants as well as research centers in collaboration with state governments and other institutions.

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Manufacturing is slowly but steadily on the rise as an effect of these plants being set up. The event also served the purpose of informing the gathered group of people on the progress made under Make In India.

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The Make in India Website

The “Make in India” initiative related information is being shared through interactive web-portal and professionally designed website :

Make in India Resources

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