How to keep your employees motivated in work from home scenario

How to keep your employees motivated in work from home scenario

The Covid -19 pandemic has changed the way we work, travel, and go about our day today life. At a time when work from home has become the norm rather than the exception, it is important for employers to understand the fears, anxieties, and concerns of employees and know how to motivate their employees even though they are physically distant. In this blog, we cover crucial pointers on keeping your team’s energy and motivation up.

Trust your employees: A wise person had once said that the number one reason why employees leave is their manager. And the number 1 reason why people leave their managers is trust. Any manager has to trust his or her employees if they want to see results. This is true whether the employee is working remotely or in the office. Hence, the first thing managers should trust their employees with responsibilities and work just as they were doing before the pandemic. Give them room to make mistakes and learn from them. As long as your subordinates know they have your back, they will do far more than punch in and out everyday or do the bare minimum. They will do beyond what is asked for, earn you the love and loyalty of customers, and take the company and team to new heights.

Let your employees take breaks: Make sure your employees take sufficient breaks during the course of the day. Just because they don’t have to commute to the office, does not mean they have to slog it out at home. It is very important that your team is not forced to work for 12 hours with only a half hour break for lunch. Assign broad guidelines for taking breaks like informing the manager or leaving a message on the office or team group.

Be open and communicate often: It is important for employers to communicate with their team as freely and as openly as possible. During testing times such as the current crisis, employees would feel insecure and would often wonder how long they would sustain in their jobs or whether a pay cut is imminent. At such times, one thing all managers can do is talk to their employees and provide assurance that they will retain their jobs and no one will have to take a pay cut. Else, if the situation in your company in taking a downturn and you need to let a few people go, be honest and candid. Do not leave anyone lurking.

Have regular meetings with your team: Ask them how they are doing and how their work is going and conduct the meeting the same way you would have when in office. Talk about results/impact and how you can improve in the weeks to come.

Have interactive sessions for employees: Not having the chit chat around the office cooler or the lunch table can make employees feel lonely and can lead to feelings of isolation. Get your employees together for a fun, interactive session on zoom or google meet every three days. Or have a talent hunt and let your employees showcase their talent every week. Upload the videos on Facebook and let everyone vote on who deserves a top prize for it.

Above all, make sure you feel trusted, wanted and secure. What an organization does during this pandemic will leave a lasting impression on the employees. Hence, focussing on employee needs during this crucial time is an antidote to future problems of attrition or underperformance.

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