How COVID 19 is accelerating workforce transformation digitally?

How COVID 19 is accelerating workforce transformation digitally?

Covid-19 pandemic will be remembered in the future for 2 main reasons.

1) it has made us understand how vulnerable we are to viruses and bacteria. Despite sending our rockets to the moon and mars, despite our super-fast cars, we are unable to protect ourselves against a virus mutation.

2) Covid-19 pandemic has brought fundamental changes to our lives and business. OTT has replaced movie theatres, yoga videos have replaced the gym, online delivery has replaced fine dining. While we will see normalcy returning to most parts of the world by late 2020, many aspects of the lockdown period will continue in the future.

One such area is the transformation of the workforce because of digital technologies. While the world has been going digital since the last few years, it has never been a bigger phenomenon than in the pandemic period. In the blog, we discuss how workforce across industries will be transformed. 

Work from home: Work from home has been popular since the 2008 crisis. However, it has been given a huge push thanks to the Covid crisis. Almost overnight companies switched to work from home operations. Meetings and trainings were held on zoom, attendance was recorded on apps and work continued as before. The best part was no man days were lost and employees and managers even chipped in an hour or two more than regular office hours. The short experiment with work from home has gotten everyone excited. Hence, work from home will become mainstream in the coming years. Reports are already coming in that start ups do not want to invest in a real estate office space to save some money. Earlier less than 1% of employees in an organization used to be freelancers or consultants. This number is likely to jump up to 12% in the coming years.

Remote working can mean benefits for the employee as well as the employer. Remote working can mean that employees no more have to commute long distances everyday and can choose to live in the cheaper suburbs far away from the office or a tier 2 city where cost of living is less.

Precautions for companies: While companies will look to make remote working a permanent part of their workforce policy, they will have to be cautious that implementation does not get messed up. Adequate training for all staff will have to be provided. Solid firewalls and cyber security systems will have to be implemented in all office computers. Open communication and trust will play a huge role in the success of the work from home operations.

There would also have to be innovation in the HR space on how to measure teamwork, leadership skills, and how new employees would be integrated into an organizational culture in the absence of physical bonding.

Despite the challenges, remote working, enhanced cyber security and digital networks will be mainstream in the post Covid-19 world.

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