Healthy competition at work is the key to an invigorating work-environment

Healthy competition at work is the key to an invigorating work-environment

Every company is not about work and work; instead, a company is more about the kind of environment it is maintaining. This dwelling monotonous environment comprises of many factors like performance, team coordination, competitiveness, client interaction, and above all maintenance of healthy competitiveness within the employees. After all, it’s not about the results only it is also about the way these results are achieved. This healthy competition that every company integrates into its environment speaks about the kind of company it is.

No employee old or new would like to work for a company who only rewards the people who are associated with them since ages and indirectly follows a traditional approach. The problem with traditional competition which many companies are following is has decided to reward only the top performers which directly equates to around a weak number i.e. only the top 10 percent of the company gets noticed.

This theory goes like this that the A-players are always being rewarded whereas the B players are deliberately shown the carrot and being ordered not to eat it which is indirect, of course. Yes, the top 10% of the company feels elated while the left over B, C and D and other following are practically shown the door. This is not a healthy competition but is instead a monotony of old age tradition.

Staying transparent about eh results is a good thing but being blunt about it in an unhealthy way would only provoke criticism and less stability. As a leader and as a boss it is your responsibility to maintain a competitive environment. There are a number of ways through which you can provoke a healthy competition. You can invite your company’s employees for one group activities and call for an open discussion about the positives and negatives of the work environment they are staying in.

You can opt for extrinsic or intrinsic motivation which you need to figure out as to what specifically motivates your hard working employees individually. There are many employees who want to get noticed and get recognised and stand in front of the company’s main stage.

Also, many employees would shudder from this. But your task is to instigate a massive audience that is encouraged to work more and more. Offering tangible rewards can motivate masses as it is very meaningful for a person who is tied into a 9 to 5 kind of work profile.

Every company can create or is on the pathway to craft a healthy culture of good competition. All that needs to be done is that it should be iterative and should be built by generous trial and error. When this theory is practised in a cohesive manner, you will get an audience or here you will get employees who are motivated and are competitive. A small effort from your side will bring gigantic results to your company. After all, this is your terrain. Stay out and stay competitive.

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