Growing Relevance of Temporary Staffing in the Business Landscape

So, your reliable team member is on leave for 2 weeks and you are scrambling to find his replacement for the project ending in 8 days from now. Well, that’s a tough situation to be in. It’s impossibly hard to find new canddates who would join you at such a short notice. Temporary staffing coming to resume!

The practice of temp staffing is most fit for such kinds of situations. When companies want someone to join them immediately, that too just for a day or a week, they get in touch with firms that offer temporary staffing outsourcing. It’s a pretty simple arrangement – you communicate your requirement to the staffing firm, and they provide you with a human resource just right for your project.

One of the best part of temporary staffing is that this human resource is on the payroll of the outsourcing firm, so you don’t have the hassles to deal with, like tons of paper work associated with a permanent employee’s salary, the tax calculations, the policy paper work, and so on. Everything is taken care by the staffing agency that pays this employee.

Temporary Staffing is not Contract Staffing

One of the misconceptions is how people get confused between temporary staffing and contract staffing, and consider them the same thing. The truth however lies far from it. Yes, there are similarities; both type of workers are hired for fixed period of time or a specific project.

To begin with, in contract staffing, it’s mostly the company hiring resources for its project that puts the employee on its payroll. In temporary staffing expense arrangement however, it is the outsourcing firm that bears this expense. The individual is on the payroll of this firm which takes care of all the paperwork and other benefits provided to the employee, as per this firm’s policy.

As opposed to this, it’s you who hires a contract worker and keep on your payroll. Some of their typical employee benefits, like reimbursement, taxes, the miscellaneous benefits, and all the intensive paperwork is your responsibility. So you are hiring the candidate for the same job, and over the same period of time, you investments, resources and operational complexities increase. Compare this with outsourcing this task to an agency that provides you the manpower you want while keeping that manpower on its own payroll, and you will see how well it will work out for you in a multitude of ways.

Temporary Hires are Also For Business Intensive Functions

Traditionally temporary employees were hired for more smaller tasks in a company. So you had admins or labourers being hired from third parties, because companies were more at ease with having “outsiders” for jobs that did not affect their core business. But over the years, this has changed in a big way and companies are warming up to the idea of hiring people on temporary basis for even very crucial roles, such as developers, designers, marketing professionals, and so on. The reason for this change is the growing confidence in the outsourcing firms that provide manpower. Over the years, the number of manpower outsourcing firms has gone up considerably, and so has their reliability and credibility. This has directly led to more trust in these firms among the businesses – large and small – and their hiring units.

Temporary staffing is here to stay, and rather grow in relevance an demand as we see the global business landscape evolving.

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