Getting Workers to Collaborate for Best Results

The unsavoury layer between the workers and leaders surreptitiously introduces the disharmony, miscommunication, deception and exploitation that typically characterizes large and mid-sized corporations. It is a dispute that mars major businesses across the globe, but not for lack of trying different solutions to counter it.
Businesses employ various tactics to iron out the chinks in communication and bring everyone on the same plane, like getting on board career counsellors who aim to serve as a bridge between the establishment and its workers. These efforts are met with moderate to no success. In the initial phase, this poses as a great way for everyone to collaborate in a unified environment and work together towards the greater business goals, but soon enough, these efforts run out of steam and stop being effective and influencing the working conditions. This is especially true in mid-sized businesses because they can’t afford to invest a lot in such programs, preferring rather to invest in revenue generating processes.
When companies start out, the individuals laying down the foundations have only a rough sense of plan and roadmap when it comes to hiring people who can collaborate with them in working towards the vision. The agenda on top of their minds is how to get the best minds on board and get the most out of their skills and experience. In most circumstances, everything else takes a backseat.
While there is a definitive conviction in the intentions that feed these decisions, once translated into effect, there is a gap in how these are executed, and thus, the results are less than favourable. Well thought out and executed with patience and sense of structure employee welfare programs can be the perfect conduit to healthy culture within an enterprise.
But everything said, things are not nearly as bleak as the above few paragraphs might indicate. The drive to succeed and increased application of efforts to further their career motivates workers to adapt to the dynamically changing and aggressive environment within their companies. Also, on the part of business owners, the alternatives are being adopted wherein the business does not have to deal directly with people, in the sense that the workers are managed by teams that are not intrinsic to these organizations. These alternatives are gaining prominence in the corporate landscape by the day. The models like contract staffing or outsourcing of manpower requirements in enabling companies to focus on their revenue intensive operations.
It helps to partner a service provider that takes care of the people who work on your projects, because in practice, these people are employed by this service provider. So activities like payroll, employee satisfactions parameters, insurance, etc. are managed by your business partner. In exchange you pay this company, which happens to be a single entity as opposed to hundreds of employees, for their service.
Therefore, the troubling aspects of any business, like the disharmony between employees and top level management become non-existent in such enterprises. The collective focus is to build great products, any disputes lie outside the jurisdiction and control of the business and thus it is not responsible for them. More and more companies need to catch the boat so that they do not remain miles behind from their competitors who are going beyond the beaten path.

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