Employee Recognition—WHY, HOW AND WHEN

Employee Recognition—WHY, HOW AND WHEN

Have you ever wondered why during your school days, your class teacher happened to recognise you in front of the entire class? It was because the good marks you scored placed you an edge above the other students in the class. Similarly, organizations today are recognising the hard work, risk-taking capacity and deadline completion – as major achievements of the employees. And that too this recognition is made public either via email or social gathering or on social media sites! So, you must be inquisitive to know more about the significance of employee recognition.

When the senior management or HR of the organization recognises the special initiative of an employee for completing a specific task—it is known as employee recognition. Today in this fast-paced and competitive environment, organizations are facing the challenging task of recruiting and retaining proficient employees. This is where the importance of employee recognition technique comes to play a crucial role! Every hard working and skilled employee wishes to be held in high esteem and be appreciated at his workplace. Employee recognition primarily boosts the morale of the employee which instigates him further to enhance his work productivity. In this manner, the organization is not just able to retain the employee but also increase his working potential.

It is all the more important to understand that in this dynamic, challenging and flexible working environment, employee recognition is no longer limited to an incentive. There are numerous ways of recognising the excellent work of an employee. It could be either in the form of an email, or applause in front of the team or a letter of appreciation and so forth.

Let us go through some of the major benefits derived from employee recognition in this dynamic work scenario.

1. Gives a happy feeling to the employee: The foremost advantage of employee recognition at workplace is that it makes the employee happy. The employee feels proud and happy. The feeling of getting recognised in front of your colleagues is indeed a matter of pride for every employee.

It also ensures that the employee feels motivated which further enhances the productivity at the workplace. So, it is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.

2. It ensures employee motivation: A feeling of felicity definitely motivates the employee to work harder at his workplace. It is indeed an advantage for the HR of the organization that the employee feels motivated to work with more zeal and vigour to achieve the respective deadlines.  It could simply be an email sent by the HR to the entire office appreciating the outstanding work of an employee. These small tokens or gestures boost employee morale which proves to be advantageous for the organization as well.

3. It ensures employee retention: As mentioned above, the employee feels extremely motivated after receiving appreciation and recognition at the hands of the senior management. This motivates the employee to work for a longer period of time with the organization. The organization in turn should arrange for the training and development of such employees by conducting workshops and other methods. Moreover, receiving rewards and recognition from the organization can be in the form of an incentive or a letter of appreciation received for completing five years of service with the organization. Such efforts and programmes of recognising employees go a long way in ensuring employee retention.

Having understood the immense benefits of employee recognition, you would now be curious to know the ways and means of doing it.

Let us go through some of the innovative ways which organizations are adopting these days to recognise the hard work and calibre of their employees.

  • Some companies appreciate their employees by giving a bonus amount or incentive.
  • Another method of doing so is by putting up an employee retention wall at the entrance of your office. Here, your manager can put forward your name for recognition for accomplishing a challenging task.
  • Some companies have adopted an employee recognition programme which takes place every month in the company.
  • These days, companies have come up with the idea of recognising the employees every month on designated days, for instance, first Monday of every month and so forth. Now this recognition could be for completing a long period of service with the organization or it could celebration of birthdays/ anniversaries of the employees.

To conclude, the significance of employee recognition is immense and the sooner the organization comprehends it, the better it is. Employee recognition fulfils multiple objectives which in turn secures the future of the organization in these trying circumstances.

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