Employability Vs Degree

Employability Vs Degree

Three tips to bridge the skills gap

A major chunk of the population under 25 years of age is either under-employed or unemployed. There is no doubt at all that this job scenario is a major concern for the economy of the country. It is extremely easy to jump to the conclusion that there is a job gap – which means a number of job seekers are much more than jobs in the market. This might be true, however, existence of skills gap cannot be ignored either.  Many employers find it frustrating when they do not find skilled workers even after interviewing numerous candidates. They find it challenging to fill jobs as many current job seekers lack skills.

There is the difference in a way how employers and educators see college graduates. While most of the educational institutions believe that graduates are all set to work, only a few employers agree to it.  Do academic and educational institutions put in right efforts to prepare students for the dynamic and competitive work environment? Do they job to prepare students?

Part of this problem might be the traditional academic institutions which were not designed to keep pace with ever-evolving and fast-changing market where skills are the pre-requisite for fetching a desirable job. Universities neither introduced new classes nor changed curricula at the pace needed by the new industry trends. This led to the prevalence of huge skills gap.

Following are three tips for bridging the skills gap

  1. The importance of right education – People having years of work experience might find it difficult to return to school. However, having a degree does not mean that you have the right training too. Training improves skills which further helps in fetching a job. There are many community colleges and universities offering continue education programs which are meant for those who want to advance their current career with courses and training programs that will polish skills. Often such programs have corporate partners who either provide an insight into their organisation or act as guest professors.  This helps in building nexus for job-seekers, making job hunt relatively easy.
  2. Switching career is important – When you start working, you might have been trained for one job. But with increasing skills gap in some industries, you might want to switch career. For those considering a career, the switch can enrol for certification programs which aim at polishing the skills of aspirants. For instance, certification in technology is both time-efficient and cost-effective while job preparing you.
  3. Tap benefits of innovative application methods – There is variety in recruiting and hiring trends, offering opportunities for people to jump from one industry to the other. One such trend is asking applicants to solve a challenge instead of submitting a resume. This gives you an opportunity to even apply for jobs outside your field so that you can test your ability on the basis of learning.


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