Do’s and Dont’s of Video Meetings

As we continue to fight this ghastly pandemic when the entire world stands still, economic activities stay frozen, nations experience lockdown, people practice social distancing, we express our gratitude to digitalisation. It has helped fend off the repercussions entailing the wake of COVID-19 to a considerable extent. Video Conferencing which was perceived as a not so feasible alternative a couple of years back has helped corporates mobilise their operations phenomenally and so everyone now seems to jump on this bandwagon.

The shortcomings have otherwise helped us learn to live life in a completely different dimension. Restrictions on travel and trade, social distancing and the urge to work from home have triggered a huge demand for Video Conferencing in the market.

Checklist for a video conference.

The know-how of attending a video meeting is not rocket science, however, you should be well versed with the nitty-gritty of Video Conferencing or else this will only end being a bootless errand.

Now before you start off, you need to set the basics right. A laptop, an uninterrupted speedy internet connection, a platform to host your virtual collaborations from a plentiful of options viz. Zoom meetings, google hangouts, Vidyo Desktop, Cisco Webex, etc., a notebook is all and you are ready to roll.

How do you ace it?

  • Keep it spick & span:

Make sure your workspace is illuminated enough such that the people on the other side of the screen can have a clear view of you. Also, don’t miss out on any laundry and dirty dishes left behind you or any inappropriate decorations in the background which may divert one’s attention.

?     Video Testing…Mic Testing:

Before you get started, don’t forget to check the audio and video settings. Be proactive and help yourself from having eggs on your face.

?     Dress for the occasion:

Dress in a way you would do when actually attending a meeting. If you happened to have worn formals accompanied by your pyjamas and for some reason, you had to get up, you can imagine how embarrassing the situation would be along with with your bosses on the call. So, why poke your rotten luck, just keep your hands clean.

?     You snooze, you lose:

Punctuality is the soul of a business and so be punctual and learn to respect else’s time. When you know you have a meeting scheduled, plan your day beforehand. Have at least 15 minutes of buffer time for you to settle down and double-check the chores before you kick-off.

?     Break the ice:

Before you jump into the conversation, do introduce yourself to the other participants, because their might be new faces joining in too. In addition, do take note of the other speaker’s names as well for reference.

?     Talk the talk:

Ensure the discrete delivery of elocution when in a video meeting, such that the other members can easily grasp the intended connotation and thus help set up a successful connection with the team. Besides this, try and reduce your body movements to a minimal level such that it doesn’t drive distractions. Ensure minimum possible background noise and do keep all your ringtones, alarms, notifications or reminders in the silent mode.

?     Hush your audio when not speaking:

When you are not speaking, do mute your audio. This will help the speaker have a flawless transmission of words and ultimately help elicit a worthwhile exchange of thoughts in the entire course of the video conference.

?     Don’t appear to be a broken thread:

Maintaining proper eye contact with the screen will help understand the team members that everyone’s on the same page. Furthermore, try to prevent interruptions such as answering emails and messages or simply look immersed on your phone. Also, avoid side conversations which will only draw a conclusion that the entire meeting was a pointless undertaking.

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