The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in the year 2020 has brought about a paradigm shift in the functioning of organizations across the globe. The companies and organizations today are facing this immense challenge of adjusting their workforce to work from home.  The concept of physically attending office is soon to disappear and the work from home concept is soon going to emerge, evolve and establish itself.

This paradigm shift of working from home (WFH) sounds cool and easy but it is not so. The organizations will be faced with numerous challenges in order to make this working from home concept to function smoothly.

Organizations will have to come up with the implementation and establishment of new policies and procedures to make this paradigm shift a success. At the first place, organizations will have to conduct an in depth-analysis of the infrastructure requirement of the employees. The employees will have to be provided with a laptop and Internet connection along with a proper chair and table to sit.

Additionally, organizations will have to devise new employment policies to align with the work from home culture.  These policies would affect areas such as new letter of intent with new terms and conditions, revised holidays and travel allowances, working hours policy, protection of company data, engagement and motivation of employees and finally, disbursement of incentives and bonus.

It is to be noted that the need of having physical office is not going to decrease immediately. It will but slowly and depending upon the sector and sphere requirement to ask employees to come to office. Also, the management of the organization will be faced with the arduous task of categorizing which employees to ask to come to office and who will work from home.

Primarily, both the employee and the employer will have to come to a consensus for practicing the work from home culture. As far as the employee is concerned, the individual will have to tackle the challenge of maintaining work-life balance. At the same time, organizations will have to come up with flexible working hour policy and imparting training to ensure the smooth functioning of work from home.

Believe me this paradigm shift of work from home culture is bound to bring long-term benefits to both the employee and the employer. The employee while working from home will be able to save time and expense of commuting and thus, will be able to spend time with family. On the other hand, the organization will benefit from business running round the clock, easy hiring of suitable candidates, minimal infrastructure costs and other benefits. In simple words, it is going to be a win-win situation for the sides.

Therefore, to conclude, it can be said and believed that the work from culture is here to stay. The need of travelling and physically attending the workplace has been reduced but not completely extinct. It would be advisable for both the sides to comprehend the need and significance of the work from home culture and accept it as the new normal way of functioning of life.

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