The most valuable asset of any company is its workforce. The number of people employed in a company termed as ‘manpower’ is the most vital component of every business organization. The rapidly evolving and competitive business environment has made it all the more imperative for a business organization to be sensitive towards its manpower. Besides, the outbreak of the Covid pandemic has reinforced the need to rethink and redesign our policies keeping the workforce in mind.

It is indeed true that outsourcing manpower today has become an extremely viable option. In fact, outsourcing manpower proves to be beneficial in quick accomplishment of your business goals as it helps save time and money, improves efficiency, and protects from legal complications.  Yet, you can face several challenges when you decide to outsource your manpower.

Some of the prominent challenges faced while outsourcing manpower are:

  1. Devoid of Connection: One of the primary challenges faced when outsourcing manpower is the loss of connection between the employees and the employer. Employees address their queries regarding medical, leaves or training to the HR department. Now, if such a vital function -- HR is outsourced, it is quite possible that the employees of the company feel disconnected. The employees will get the feeling that personal touch is lost between them and the company.
  2. Delay in response: Another significant challenge faced when outsourcing manpower is the delay in response from the manpower outsourcing provider. It is quite possible that the employees’ issues, problems and queries are not properly responded by the outsourcing provider as compared to the speedy response received by an in-house HR team. Now, in such a scenario, employees can begin to feel neglected, angry or disappointed with the company.
  3. Security of employee data: When you decide to outsource your manpower, you hand over sensitive employees data to a third-party. Hence, you must ensure that the manpower outsourcing provider protects your company data from any kind of theft or risk. Loss of data can lead to the loss of faith and trust between the employees and the company.
  4. Loss of experienced HR personnel: Even when you hire a manpower outsourcing provider, it might be necessary for you to appoint an HR executive to monitor its proper working. The manpower outsourcing provider could deviate from your company’s policies or norms. In such circumstances, you will feel the need of having a competent in-house HR executive to take care of the needs of the employees.


Therefore, to conclude, outsourcing manpower is being increasingly adopted in today’s dynamic scenario. However, the biggest challenge of outsourcing manpower is not having an in-house HR executive to give immediate response and resolve the daily issues that come up in every working culture.  Nonetheless, companies can select one of the best manpower outsourcing provider ensuring to keep the interrelationship between the company and employees intact and fruitful. It is imperative to keep your manpower happy and satisfied even when outsourcing to ensure the rapid growth of your business.

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