Battle unemployment by creating more number of jobs

Battle unemployment by creating more number of jobs

In the current era of a highly volatile economy, creating new jobs is not at all easy. The financial market plunges; job market gets hit and unemployment arises. India is home to largest number of youth accounting for near about 66 percent of the populace. The majority of the population in India is below 35 years of age. There is no doubt at all that level of education in India has improved but skill level still lags behind. There are several other factors which contribute to underemployment and unemployment. Poverty and limited skill based experience are among other factors responsible for unemployment. Job freezing is highly common during the recession.

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Economy of country paves way for unemployment

For overcoming the problem of unemployment and providing working opportunity for the potential candidate, the only solution is job creation. Job creation is a group aiming at ground level changes as well as developing policy reforms to create more jobs. The economy of India faces some tough challenges because of unemployment. The need of the hour is to develop multiple jobs across different sectors.

Government initiatives

The Skill India and Make in India are two of the many initiatives introduced by the Indian government with a focus on the generation of employment. The results of these initiatives have been great and there was an upsurge in the employment by December 2014 in comparison to previous years. A survey conducted by Labor Ministry also indicates that near about 2.75 lakhs job were developed within six months across eight main sectors. Accelerating job creation is important for enhancing the economic status of India.

Private concerns that assist job creation

When it comes to the creation of jobs, Easy Source India outsourcing and staffing services have a crucial role to play. They provide much-needed assistance for skilled and graduate professions in fetching right employment. They have been providing high-quality HR services for more than sixteen years. They put in efforts to place candidates on the industry which best meet their skills. They have clients from public sectors, government sectors, ministers and multinational companies.

 Easy Source India benefits

They provide a range of services including statutory compliance, manpower outsourcing, outsourcing solutions, compliance outsourcing and payroll outsourcing. The trend of corporate is changing, and they prefer hiring employees on contract basis. Easy Source India assists in contract staffing for the prestigious client where they connect graduates who are looking forward to working as contracted employees.

Job creation has improved the task of businesses such as Easy Source India where they constantly strive to provide finest of the talent to organisations. Enhanced and assessment recruitment processes are conducted for picking the right candidates for clients. The primary objective of Easy Source India is to make the careful selection of candidates for their prestigious clients. Selected candidates undergo rigorous training keeping into consideration quality as the prime factor.   Every country goes through fluctuation period in the economy which paves the way for change in the ecosphere of business. Thus, the creation of job is the solution with the help of outsourcing and recruiting company such as Easy Source India.

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