Adopting the Agile Methodology? Go for Manpower Outsourcing

Agile methodology is witnessing a huge upswing in the business landscape. More and more companies not going by the waterfall model, but with agile way of creating products.

So what we are getting to see nowadays is companies breaking their projects up in several entities, and having cross functional teams to take care of the individual entities. As opposed to the waterfall model, this approach does not necessitate restarting the project from the ground up if any bug at any stage occurs.

Why Has Agile Methodology Got to do with Manpower Outsourcing?

Now you might think, what has agile or waterfall model got to do with manpower outsourcing? Glad you asked. Well, the agile methodology gives a company a bona fide reason to hire people at short term. When you break a project down in different entities, there are various individual aspects of that project which can be developed or designed in a very short turnaround time. The professionals working on this project can dedicate a specific amount of time to these parts and then move on. This is exactly where outsourcing the manpower for temporary hire comes into the picture.

When you are adopting the agile approach, you will have people who have done their job and are now sitting idle, earning a pay check at the end of the month. In an ideal scenario, a company would want to pay an employee only for the job they have performed, and not simply for turning up at work. No business would like to spend on resources indefinitely when the tasks assigned to them last for only a couple of weeks/months. So they resort to outsourcing their staffing needs so that they do not have to hire new employees on a full time basis and can instead focus on their core business aspects. The firm providing the outsourcing services can deal with the hiring management part.

The manpower outsourcing can be done for international as well as the local clients, irrespective of the industry the company looking to hire new employees belongs to. So you have outsourcing firms providing their services to IT companies, BPO’s, KPO’s, and so on.

Manpower Outsourcing Works for Companies Following Traditional Waterfall Model Too

Even if for a second we take agile and waterfall comparison out of the picture, the fact remains that not every project in an organization – small or large scale – is a long term one. Rather, if you calculate the law of averages, more than half of an average company’s projects are short term. So when they persist on permanent employees who may not be involved in any projects for an extended period of time, they are only spending a lot of money on non-resources.

So, irrespective of which model you follow to create products for your business, contract staffing through an outsourcing service provider can go a long deal in making savings and also boosting work quality.

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