8 Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Is The Next Big Thing
8 Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Is The Next Big Thing

8 Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Is The Next Big Thing

8 Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Is The Next Big Thing


In a post-pandemic world, companies are being increasingly proactive in adopting contingent staffing as a part of their business recovery goals. Permanent job roles are being replaced by temporary ones, and businesses are depending on manpower outsourcing companies and their skilled talent pool. In the past year, 52% of global organizations have scaled up the rate of their temporary employment. And the trend is expected to continue over the years.


Temporary Staffing - How it benefits organizations

How do businesses benefit from temporary staffing? Here are a few noteworthy aspects of temporary staffing that are urging companies to consider it over a permanent workforce.

  1. Hiring specialists for a job role
    Temporary staffing helps you engage people with specific skill sets. This is perfect for short-term employment or your project-based needs. A temporary staff, for example, can cover up for a permanent employee who is on maternity leave. Or, we may employ temporary staff for specific profiles, like that of an administrative staff during periods of peak demand.
  2. Economic adaptability
    During the pandemic and beyond, the economy has been on a rocky road. Companies are contemplating investments in permanent recruitments to adjust to the economic uncertainties. They are preferring more flexible, project-based employment models instead.
  3. Easy scale-ups
    Temporary jobs help companies employ talents based on their demand. It saves them the hassle of long-drawn recruitment processes. Additionally, they enjoy the advantage of quick scale-ups and easy trim downs of the workforce whenever required.
  4. Cost-effectiveness
    Sourcing and employing prospective talent from temporary staffing agencies can save organizations a fortune in terms of recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and training. They don’t need to bear salary components like health insurance, performance bonuses, paid holidays, profit sharing, etc.
  5. Recruiting fresh talent
    One of the many advantages that temporary staffing brings with it, is the fact that it allows businesses to tap a pool of newcomers as well. As much as it is about engaging niche talent for specific job profiles, newcomers get a good chance to prove themselves in the industry.
  6. Readily available workforce
    Finding flexible staff is getting easier by the day. Companies can either recruit temporary staff through various advertisement channels or engage a recruitment firm or agency for the purpose. However, the best solution would be to team up with temporary staffing agencies or manpower outsourcing companies for all your temporary employment requirements.


  1. Intact headcount - Often, companies are bound by internal obligations that prevent them from hiring permanent employees. Temporary staffing works as a good alternative as they are not counted within the direct payroll of the company.
  2. No need for payroll management - For companies lacking a sizable HR department, maintaining payrolls and related responsibilities for employees becomes an added hassle. Temporary workforces are primarily under the payroll of outsourcing companies and other hiring agencies, making it convenient for businesses to concentrate on their core tasks. 


Challenges ahead
A couple of roadblocks might come in the way of organizations if they decide to hire temporary staff. 


Sometimes it gets difficult for businesses to integrate a temporary worker into the company culture. Companies need to focus on their onboarding activities to achieve this seamlessly. 


There has been a lot of debate around whether temporary staff should be provided as many facilities as permanent staff are privileged to have. With the rise in demand for temporary staffing, it would not be too long before they start asking for similar benefits.


If companies don't source their temporary staff from a credible outsourcing agency, they might end up hiring someone who does not have the necessary skill set or has not been through proper background checks and screenings.


The Way Forward

It is important to avail the services of a professional and competent manpower outsourcing agency so that you are not left behind in your pursuits of choosing the appropriate workforce for your organization. 

Thinking of engaging temporary staff for your company? Unsure of where to start? Easy Source India HR Solutions is here to hand-hold you through the entire process. From recruitment to training, onboarding, and finally offboarding, we deliver seamless services to our clients. Having 15 years of experience in the manpower outsourcing sector, we have served more than 300 clients across 400 locations in India. EasySource prides itself in being one of the most dependable solution providers for its clients. 


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